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The care, kindness and compassion 
of the people at Somerset Care is what 
makes working with us so special.


We've worked to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for people of all backgrounds and experiences to thrive and grow with the support and guidance of the team around them. But don't take it from us. Take a look at what our staff have to say about their experience working with Somerset Care.

This job is truly brilliant and rewarding. Before I joined My Willows, I was fed up of the day-to-day routine and the basic 9 till 5 hours. I really wanted a job I felt a part of. Now I have found it and I have a purpose within my job role. This job is not just about the flexible hours and good pay, along with the paid travel time, it is about making the clients feel comfortable and cared for.

This job is relatively stress-free, and the rapport built with clients is outstanding. Everything about this job is organised and routinely. I have the same clients each day which allows me to understand and cater for their every needs. The relationships built with the clients is amazing. The job role involves a mixture of drop-in calls and personal care, all of which is taught with the outstanding training provided beforehand. The communication within the team is outstanding so everyone is aware of certain situations that may have occurred and are aware of their job role with a client before entering.

Rachael Ford My Willows, now part of Somerset Care Community Services

I have worked with My Willows (now part of Somerset Care Community Services) in Minehead for just over 2 years, I enjoy the relationships you make with people and supporting them to stay living in the comfort of their own homes. Whether it’s helping provide personal care or just enjoying a friendly chat, My Willows ensures everyone has the time and day they prefer to suit them. 

My Willows (now part of Somerset Care Community Services) gives all staff the chance to progress in their career, and have many different online learning courses you can achieve at home, to improve knowledge or update your skills and understanding to practices. Work tunics, ID badge, company phone and all PPE are provided free when you join with benefits to discounts, refer a friend bonus and extra hour incentives. The care app used to record care notes is simple to use and gives you all the details in each person’s care plan. Shadowing with other carers is a great way to meet everyone and help is always available from the rest of the team, managers and the office out of hours. 

Being part of My Willows team is rewarding and enjoyable company to work for, offering flexible hours and ongoing support.

Laura Farmer My Willows, now part of Somerset Care Community Services

I think being honest is the key for anyone reading this who may be considering coming to work in this sector. Community Care can have its downsides, nowhere is perfect after all. There may be days when things seem to be going against you. The weather could be awful, the traffic might be holding you up, you could feel tired and wish you hadn't agreed to do that all-day shift. Things like this can and will happen!

However, I feel the biggest reasons to do this are also the most important:

The people we visit and those we work alongside. 

I've loved building up relationships with those we care for - and their families. To gain their trust, that we will always do our best for them. To end up feeling like we are popping in to check up on friends. To end the visit knowing we have added something to their day. Not just the actual list of care we provide but to also sit and chat and listen to them. We could be their only contact during that day. If we leave and they feel valued and important, that can be as important as any physical care we help them with. Getting back home knowing they have enjoyed our company and that we have helped in some way is very satisfying. 

While we don't get to work alongside colleagues as often as those in a care home do, I have also enjoyed working alongside my fellow carers. I like to think we all get along, that we do trust each other, that we will back each other up along the way and this friendship helps with the care we give out. It's like being part of a small but cool care club! 

David Watkins My Willows, now part of Somerset Care Community Services

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